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Macrame plant hangers - 3 pack

Macrame plant hangers - 3 pack

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Get ready to organise your houseplant collection home decor with our set of 3 macrame plant hangers!

Our unique design features 3 different lengths, so you can hang plants of all sizes and shapes. Each one is handmade from eco friendly recycled cotton and repurposed wooden rings for a sustainable look that won't harm the environment.

Choose from different colours to create a unique aesthetic in your home decor. With our macrame plant hangers, you can bring nature inside in an eco-friendly way.


The hanging lengths of each hanger are approximately 45cm, 55cm & 80cm, from the top of the wooden ring, to the bottom of the pot.

Each hanger will fit a 12cm pot comfortably.

Plants and pots not included.

All measurements are approximate as each item is individually handmade to order.

This set of 3 macrame plant hangers is essential for someone starting out in to the world of houseplants, as a gift for any plant lover, or if you’ve got a few new plants yourself that you’re looking to hang up. The essential houseplant starter kit!

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All items come wrapped in recycled paper and always sent in reused packaging.

Custom orders welcome

Please ensure the correct fixtures and fittings are used when installing this product. 

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